Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Downsizing My Clutter

Through the years, I have collected many "things".  There are curio cabinets in my home that are full of "things" I could not live without.  Depression glass,  especially green depression glass was a must have for me.  To me, the glass was appealing in color, and in texture.  The smooth, clear green surface always made me smile.

Fast forward to today.  I was looking at the curio cabinet with all the green Depression glass, and mixed in were other items I thought I just could not live without.  Have you hear of the collectibles, Trail of Painted Ponies?   They are collectible ceramic horses/ponies painted with different themes by different artists.

I found several at a yard sale several years ago.  Each pony averaged about $5 in cost.   They were pretty, and I thought I would be able to flip them pretty quick on eBay.  The first editions did sell quickly.  The leftovers were all second editions.  There was not much demand for them.  They sat in my curio cabinet for several years.

Reunion of the Family Man
Kitty Cat's Ball
Dog and Pony Show
Today, I decided to list them on FaceBook Marketplace.  I was asking $20 for each horse.  Within about an hour, a lady made an offer of $50 for all three.  SOLD!     We will meet in a public place (grocery store parking lot) to complete the transaction.

Not too bad for stuff I no longer wanted.  Now, to get the green Depression glass listed on FaceBook Marketplace! Okay, maybe I am still attached to that stuff.  But I should be able to find a few pieces I no longer need.

There should be a monetary goal included with downsizing my clutter, don't you think?  Lets set the goal for $500.00.


  1. Getting a decent price certainly makes letting things go much easier. Right now, right before Christmas is the best time to sell glass of any kind. Good luck!

    1. Hi Linda,
      I am happy to let the ponies go. They will be appreciated by their new owners. Now I need to get busy and see if I can unload some of this Depression glassware.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I've never seen ponies like that. They're cool. It's probably a good thing I've never been interested in collecting anything, except for the fact that I have bookcases crowded with books. They're not just to look at, though. I always wanted some depression glass, but I have no money to spend on it, while books never stop calling to me.


    1. Depression glass is pretty, but it just collects dust. The ponies were cool, but they need to go to a home where they are appreciated!
      Thanks for commenting!