Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday This and That

Today's agenda includes physical therapy, and about a half dozen phone calls.  In no certain order, I need to call:

1. Tree Trimmer.  Several low lying branches need to be addressed.
2. New Primary Doctor.  It's time to change due to location.  This  new guy is highly recommended.
3.  Kitchen Design Appt.  We have a 30 year old kitchen in need of a serious upgrade.
4. Pet Groomer.  Our Papillion is in desperate need of a haircut.
5.  Dance classes for granddaughter.
6.  Eye appointment

Halloween went well for the kiddos. They love to dress up and go trick or treating.  We walked around for a block or two and they were content with that. The rest of the evening, my husband and I gave out candy at our daughter's house.

Yesterday my knee was a bit swollen from all the walking at Halloween, so I kept it iced and elevated.  Today marks eight weeks since I had my knee replacement surgery.  It has been an adventure, that's for sure.

My weekly appt with the surgeon was yesterday too.  He is keeping a close eye on the incision that has not yet closed.  Typically, he will dig around in the incision and remove debris.  Thankfully, he did not feel the need to do that yesterday and he said it was doing great.   I don't have to see him for another two weeks. That is good news!

There is a small list for necessary grocery shopping this week.  We will be using up items in the freezer, but we always need milk and bread. There are a couple of BOGO's at Publix I need to get before the ad changes.

This morning, if time permits, I am going to work on genealogy from my dad's side.  Yesterday, I did receive copies of my dad's parents marriage certificate and my dad's mom's death certificate.  There is so much more to research.

Have you researched your genealogy?  Are you using Ancestry?

Have a great day!


  1. I have done genealogy research and a friend has done some for me. I love it. My friend had a knee replacement and six months later all fell apart. She waited to get further treatment and eventually just never walked again. Her bone deteriorated above and below the replacement. A rod was driven from her buttocks through the bone and then through her lower leg. I don't want to be a doom peddler, but it was so terrifying because she almost died. It actually took her ten agonizing years to die.

  2. Jeepers. That is a bit bleak and disturbing. Hoping for the best here.