Thursday, April 20, 2017

Checking in With A Loss

I am happy to report that my 9 day journey with the Ketogenic way of eating has enabled me to lose 14.2 lbs. Diligence and perseverance have allowed me to learn this new way of eating.  My calorie intake has greatly decreased but by adapting the keto way of eating, I have not been hungry. There is still a long way to go in this journey to reduce my weight, but I am still taking it one day at a time.  Each day, I get out and walk at least two miles in the morning. This is more for keeping my knees more flexible, but the cardio is a plus.  If you are on My Fitness Pal, feel free to friend request me.

How is the weekly list going?

1.  Follow through with financial planner investigation. Nothing done yet. 
2. Menu for week, keto meals. I still am winging it.  I need to do better. 
3. Sign us up at the gym.
4. Dentist on Wednesday.  Get meds from surgeon.
5. Back hedges.  Need a truck bed to stand on.  They are REALLY tall.  Still nothing. 
6. Investigate rewards CC's. I need to pay off my other CC first.  But it is fun to look. 
7.  Get steps in on a daily basis.
8.  Check out flights for Wisconsin family reunion in August.     Flights are darn expensive!

So, the list is not exactly going as planned.  But, that's okay.  The list keeps me aware of what I need to do.  Of course, there are other things I need to get done that are not on the list, so those things keep me busy too.

The whole financial planner thing is kinda on the back burner.  The gentleman that does our taxes has offered to look at my statements from the inherited account.  My primary reason for possibly changing financial planners is the cost.  The statements are a bit confusing to me, but I see what they are charging the account as fees and it concerns me.  Anyway, after tax season, I will meet with our tax guy and hopefully we can figure things out.

The weekend is going to be a bit busy.  My oldest is graciously volunteering his time and talents at the county animal shelter.  He  and three other guys are going to put up sail shades in the dog play yards.  Summers are freaking hot and these sail shades will give the volunteers and the dogs a break.

The guys will be putting in 6 x 6 posts in three other play yards so the shades can be attached.  The play yards are huge and the sail shades are approximately 16 x 20, that shade will be greatly appreciated when the  temps are in the high 90's!

My grandson  is playing in his final soccer games this season, which is also on Saturday.  I will be at the shelter in the early morning, meeting the guys and getting them started.  My goal, is to make the 11:00 game.  I think it will work.  The shelter is about 45 minutes from our house, so I will spend a good part of the morning on the road.  No biggie, we are so excited to get these sail shades up before the heat!

We are still working on finishing up our kitchen remodel which has included the laundry room and the dining room.  The three areas are connected, and since the kitchen turned out so pretty we had to address the not so nice laundry room and dining room.  It takes time as my husband is a bit of a perfectionist. But it is what makes him happy, so if he is happy doing the remodeling in his own way, I am happy too.

Time to call it a night.  Hope you all have a great day tomorrow.

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