Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday and a Weekly List

My daily list from last Monday, took a whole week to almost complete.  

Eight things to get done today:
1.  Drop stuff off at Goodwill
2.  Stop by Aldi's and pick up produce
3.  Take a power nap
4.  Throw mothballs in attic to chase out the squirrels. ( goodness,I need to get this done) 
5.  Downloadf and print SS statement for us. 
6.  Call for appt to get taxes done. 
7.  Plan menu for the week
8.  Call Financial Planner and set up appt. 

I still have to set up appt with Financial Planner, but I need to prepare and get my stuff together before I do that.   In fact, we have been thinking about moving our account to where it was previously.  There is still a few phone calls to make and another planner to interview.  

The family went to the fair this weekend and I had my first fried Oreo.  It was pretty darn good!  Here is the Instagram of my first bite.

Remarkably, we only ate out one time last week.  (Not counting the food at the fair) Since we have finished the renovations on the kitchen, I am completely happy to stay home and cook.  With that, I am trying to use what I have on hand.  I tend to be a bit of a food collector/hoarder so it was time to use up what I have already in the pantry. 

Today was a day of cleaning and organizing the living room.  We moved furniture, vacuumed, washed the tile floor and rearrange the furniture.  One rocker and one floor light was pushed out to the road.  Lets hope that it will be picked up by someone who will use it before morning.  

Weekly List 
1.  Follow through with financial planner investigation. 
2.  Weekly shopping at Aldi's
3.  Weekly menu planning. Who am I kidding, I wing it daily. 
4.  Swap vehicles with my daughter.  I am transporting trapped feral cats to get fixed and then delivering them      back to their care givers.  
5 . Back hedges, still need to start them. 
6. Continue to organize paperwork related to finances. 
7. Reschedule dental appt. 
8,  Call for refills of meds.  
9.  Call and reset charge card password
10. Investigate rewards CC's

The Ambien is kicking in, so that's it for tonight.   Happy Monday, at least what is left of it!.

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