Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Stuff

Yesterday I started wearing my Fit-bit, and it did motivate me to keep moving.  While doing things around the house yesterday, I would purposely walk farther and longer to keep my steps up.  I did not max out at 10,000 steps, but  6,584 is a good start.  Sleeping on the other hand, well, that needs some work.   Since the knee replacement surgeries, good sleep has been but a distant memory.

Instead of trimming the too tall hedges yesterday, I went through my closet and let go of some clothes I will probably never wear again.  There were a lot of shirts/tops, scarves..( which I have had for at least 15 years, saving them like they were trophies or something) and shoes.  

My slacks/jeans, most of them I will keep.  They fit, a bit snug, but they fit, and I hate to buy new slacks because its so hard to find ones that fit.  Jean shorts, I did find a couple of pairs that I forgot I had. They were squished in amongst the slacks.  I had a hard time letting them go too.  Two pairs are missing the metal button that sits above the zipper.  Practically new too. They are in my dresser, I jsut have to replace the buttons or something.   I do not sew.... so really, I  don't know what to do. 

It may not seem like much from this picture, and there is so much more I can get rid of, It will just take time to go through all our stuff.  Baby steps. 

Eight things to get done today:
1.  Drop stuff off at Goodwill
2.  Stop by Aldi's and pick up produce
3.  Take a power nap
4.  Throw mothballs in attic to chase out the squirrels.
5.  Download and print SS statement for us. 
6.  Call for appt to get taxes done. 
7.  Plan menu for the week
8.  Call Financial Planner and set up appt. 

That's it for now.  What is on your agenda for Monday?


  1. For future reference-some laundries have someone either on staff or who they farm out work to, to do sewing repairs(replacing zippers/buttons, etc., hemming, stuff like that). Prices for that work is generally pretty cheap....much cheaper than ditching clothing and buying new.

  2. That is why I did not throw the denim shorts out. I will check out the dry cleaner my husband uses and see if they can help.