Friday, April 14, 2017

Pain Management

Post knee replacement

It's odd that my new knees are still somewhat painful, but in a different way than before the surgery.  Sleeping is difficult. For me, when lying in one position for an extended period of time my knee joints start to stiffen up, so any movement is quite painful and will wake me up as I try to get in a more comfortable position.

Pain medication that was prescribed  during and after surgery is not something I really need, until the middle of the night when I am trying to get comfortable.  What was effective in the recent past, was NyQuil.  So, to avoid the unnecessary medications associated with that, I will be trying Zyquil this weekend.

Obesity and arthritis led to the double knee replacement.  My weight is still too much, and of course I need to do something about that.  I hate to set too many long range goals, as they tend to lead to failure.  So for now, I will be happy with a "one day at a time" mindset when it comes to weight loss.  Today, and the last three days, I have been eating Ketogenically.  Wicked Stuff has a definition of eating keto here.  My daily goal is to keep my carbs under 20 grams.   As of today, that has been attainable.  I track my carbs on MyFitnessPal which has been very helpful.

I have used MyFitnessPal in the past. It's funny, looking back to 2009 when I first logged in and thought I was fat, I was 30 pounds lighter THEN.  Well, If I was setting along term goal, that would be one of the first.  To get back to the weight when I FIRST thought I was fat.

Weekly List Update:
Weekly List 
1.  Follow through with financial planner investigation. 
2.  Weekly shopping at Aldi's
3.  Weekly menu planning. Who am I kidding, I wing it daily. 
4.  Swap vehicles with my daughter.  I am transporting trapped feral cats to get fixed and then delivering them      back to their care givers.  
5 . Back hedges, still need to start them. 
6. Continue to organize paperwork related to finances. 
7. Reschedule dental appt. 
8,  Call for refills of meds.  
9.  Call and reset charge card password
10. Investigate rewards CC's

Eh,  Still somethings to get to on the list.  I do like posting them as it motivates and reminds  me to get things done.  

Next week: 
1.  Follow through with financial planner investigation.
2. Menu for week, keto meals. 
3. Sign us up at the gym.
4. Dentist on Wednesday.  Get meds from surgeon.
5. Back hedges.  Need a truck bed to stand on.  They are REALLY tall.  
6. Investigate rewards CC's.
7.  Get steps in on a daily basis.
8.  Check out flights for Wisconsin family reunion in August.  

Lunch yesterday was stir fry cabbage and shrimp. The cabbage slaw had 9grams carbs, shrimp 21g of protein.  Very filling and my carb intake yesterday was 16.4 One day at a time.  

stir fry cabbage and shrimp

Today's lunch will be egg drop soup.  I have never made it but, will be using this recipe.  Looks easy and by using chicken broth, zero carbs.  Will let you know! 

Hope your weekend is awesome.  Happy early Easter. 


  1. How about those OTC pain meds with PM? AdvilPM, TylenolPM, AlevePM.
    I use those sometimes when I have pain at night and the stuff that's the PM component helps me get to sleep.

    1. Good suggestions, but I can't tolerate ibuprofen, it jacks up my BP. Tylenol PM.... why didn't I think of that? Probably because the RX pain meds were acetaminophen based. But, I can sure take it now. Thanks!

  2. I wish you a speedy recovery. As someone who is in the middle of losing a lot of weight, I think you have exactly the right attitude - one day at a time and realistic goals. That way is there is a day when life gets in the way, you only lost "one day" not "my whole diet" and you just keep going.

    1. Hi Tina, thank you for your kind comment and well wishes. I hope your weight loss journey is successful!