Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tracking Movements

I have a Fitbit Alta that I won in a raffle last year.  And that is the first and last time I used it was last May, for only about a month.  Fitbit fail.  So, I dug it out, charged it and re-synced it to my phone.  I know I am not moving as much as I should be, accountability will hopefully motivate me to get up and get going.

Research is ongoing for eating the Keto way of life.  I have such a hard time with giving up carbs.  Lets just take this one meal at a time.  Reduce the carbs and learn to replace with healthier carbs. One step at a time.

Today's  list of things to do includes trimming the back hedges.  They are no joke, probably as tall as the house. Throw some mothballs into the attic to chase the squirrels out.  Boil eggs for lunches, bake bacon for sandwiches for lunches. Figure out what is for dinner......

How is your Sunday going? Do you have a list of things to accomplish?


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I didn't know you started a new blog until you entered my giveaway today. I need an email addy for you for the entry to be valid so just email me at and you are good to go.
    I'll get your new blog addy to my blog roll too.

    1. I miss the community of learning and sharing from blogging.