Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Trapped a Few Cats Last Night

This morning, I am transporting 5 feral cats that our organization trapped and am taking them to the low cost spay and neuter clinic.  The colony caregiver set out the traps yesterday and successfully trapped five of her six cats that she feeds. She has one more male that we still have to trap, but 5 out of 6 is pretty good.

The clinic has a package deal with us.  They will sterilize, vaccinate, ear-tip and microchip the cats for $50 each.  Currently, our County Commissioners have funded a rebate account that will allow county residents to receive a $50 refund for each cat.  It's a great deal for the cats and the colony caregivers.

I will continue to actively  help with TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) until I go back to work, or find another job. While I have been home recuperating from the knee surgeries, I have been following up on phone calls asking for TNR help.  There are sooooo many feral cats out there and it is now kitten season.  Seriously, the calls lately have been from individuals that their feral cat just had five kittens....multiply that time about 5 calls a day.  That is a lot of cats.

Weekly List 
1.  Follow through with financial planner investigation. 
2.  Weekly shopping at Aldi's
3.  Weekly menu planning. Who am I kidding, I wing it daily. 
4.  Swap vehicles with my daughter.  I am transporting trapped feral cats to get fixed and then delivering them      back to their care givers.  
5 . Back hedges, still need to start them. 
6. Continue to organize paperwork related to finances. (started this)
7. Reschedule dental appt. 
8,  Call for refills of meds.  
9.  Call and reset charge card password
10. Investigate rewards CC's
Still working on my weekly list. Today will be a lot of driving transporting cats to and from the clinic and back to their home.  We are meeting with the PetSmart manager and the new manager of the shelter to talk about the shelter becoming adoption partners with PetSmart.  Currently, we are adoption partners with PetSmart and it has its benefits for our organization.  With those benefits, comes a lot of work and coordinating successful adoption events. 

Hoping to get to Aldi's today to pick up a few things.  Tonight, we are having breakfast for dinner.  Eggs, grits and bacon.  One of our favorites. 

How is your day looking?  Do you have a list that keeps you organized? 


  1. I trapped 8 feral cats on my own in one week with my own cage. I have no idea what they did with the cats, but we were overrun in this neighborhood and my house seemed to be their home. Another time, I trapped a mother cat and 7 kittens. Well, the mama ran away, so the kittens were gathered. Mama came back and entered cage. When she was presented with one of her kittens near the cage, she was very interested, so we knew it was her litter we had. The animal control officer took her to her hungry babies.

  2. Hopefully the cats you trapped were not destroyed which is typically what happens to them if they are taken to the shelter. Granted, some shelters are no kill and will have programs such as a "barn cat" program where cats are sterilized,vaccinated and adopted out as barn cats to reduce mice and rats.

    TNR (trap, neuter and return) allows the cats to come home their caregiver and live out their life.