Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Whittling down the List

Lordy, time just flies.  Tuesday is almost over thankfully.  I had last my physical therapy session today, which resulted in a two hour nap afterwards.  The morning was filled with a memorial service for a friend's mom.  The service was wonderful  and it was an honor to be able to go and support my friend.

Monday's List is slowly getting whittled down.

Eight things to get done today:
1.  Drop stuff off at Goodwill
2.  Stop by Aldi's and pick up produce
3.  Take a power nap
4.  Throw mothballs in attic to chase out the squirrels. ( goodness,I need to get this done) 
5.  Download and print SS statement for us. 
6.  Call for appt to get taxes done. 
7.  Plan menu for the week
8.  Call Financial Planner and set up appt. 

Appointment tomorrow morning at the accountant.  When I called to set up my appointment for taxes....he just cackled.  Nothing like last minute, Lisa!   I will stop at Donut King and pick up some donuts for him and his mom.  

Fitbit.....oh the fitbit.  I took it off Monday evening to give the grand-kids a bath, its not waterproof and I didn't want to screw it up..  And... I did not put it back on.  Back on track with that tomorrow. 

Math is not my thing,  I rely on my financial planner to make sure and to explain to me in SIMPLE terms that I can understand and that will reassure me.  And then I wonder, do I really need a financial planner..... IDK.
Of course, they will tell me I do need a financial planner.  We will see where it all ends up. 

Happy Tuesday! 

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  1. Throw chunks of Irish Spring up there. Moth ball chemicals are toxic to your family. Irish Spring soap will chase rats and mice away. After all, squirrels are rats with bushy tails.