Sunday, September 17, 2017

Catching Up From The Week

Catching up from the week.  Friday, I went to the animal shelter to meet with the director.  We had a lunch meeting, planning for upcoming events and re-hashing how Hurricanne Irma impacted the shelter, the shelter staff and our volunteers. Afterwards, I selected two spayed cats to take to PetSupermarket for our adoption center.  We facilitate adoptions for shelter cats at several stores in the local area.  Luckily, both cats found a home by Saturday.

Petunia found her home

Beatrice found her home too!

After dropping off the cats at PetSupermarket, I met my husband for dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  We had our favorite, Pizza and Beer. After dinner, it was still early enough for me to get the lawn mowed.  I find yard work very relaxing. 

Saturday was another day spent at the animal shelter.  Typically, Saturdays are extremely busy at the shelter.  We have volunteers that enjoy walking the dogs, and some who will do the laundry, (me), others will assist with adoption counseling, and then the cat people will help out in the cat room. 

Before I left for the shelter, I put together a crock pot of sloppy joes for dinner.  This recipe was excellent.  We had the sloppy joes on toasted buns, with tater tots.   

Sunday, more time at the animal shelter. Surprise, more time at the shelter.  I primarily helped in the cat room today.  The traffic at the shelter was exceptionally high.  The day before, a family brought in 21 Chihuahuas that they said wandered into their yard.  Um..... yeah right.  Regardless, the dogs were all adopted today.  They do have to wait to go home so they can have surgery and rabies shots.   

We ate out again tonight.  Take out pizza.  We were both whipped, and took the easy way out.  

The rest of the evening was spent on more LEASH stuff.  Making tags for the kennels, planning an adoption even in October for the shelter.  Not too much else to share. Have a good evening!


  1. You are really involved in your shelter work now. It's a good way to fill ones time as they do good work for the critters.
    I love that 12 chihuahuas just wandered into their yard...riiiiight! lolz

    I might try that sloppy sauce recipe but I'll probably tweak it as it's got a lot of sodium in it(tomato paste, ketchup and soy sauce-which is mostly sodium)and I try to avoid sodium when I can. I'll probably cut the soy sauce and sub no-salt ketchup. If it's a bit bland I can always add something salty in.

    1. Running the non-profit has pretty much taken over my life! But for now, I am happy. There is a lot of drama as animal people are a bit crazy.

      I hope you enjoy the Sloppy Joe recipe!