Thursday, September 14, 2017

Crock Pot Chili and Other Stuff

I was feeling very domestic yesterday.  Yesterday morning, I pulled out the crock pot and threw in the ingredients for chili. It cooked and simmered most of the day.  The meal was completed with rice and cornbread.  
most of the ingredients for chili
Can't forget the spices.

My daughter and her family joined us for dinner, and the grandkiddos spent the night.  It was nice to get back to normal since the last few days have been all about Hurricane Irma.  

The kids are out of school the rest of the week, as some of the schools in the county are still in need of repair post hurricane.  I may just take them to the park today before it gets too hot.  Right now, we are hanging out watching Sponge Bob.

Yesterday, I was also investigating a no interest credit card to transfer a large balance to.  We or I have a credit card with a balance that is quite large.  How does that happen?  Well, post surgery depression maybe?  It is only very recently that I could even look at the balance. 

The problem with a balance transfer is the danger and possibility of charging again. The hubs is a bit free with the credit card, and likes to shop and spend.  I guess he feels a sense of entitlement, live for today, you can't take it with you attitude.  Some days, I may be like that too. It's a problem, to be sure. One, we will never agree on.

Today's agenda:  
Plan dinner, probably grilled chicken. 
Continue to investigate balance transfer of credit card
Take the kids to park or indoor jump house
Clean and organize non profit storage area in garage. 
Burn limbs after kiddos go home.

M-Turk accepted me.  I will try to figure out how that works and keep you posted.  Here is the definition of Mechanical Turk via WikiPedia

The name Mechanical Turk comes from "The Turk", a chess-playing automaton of the 18th century, which was made by Wolfgang von Kempelen. It toured Europe, beating both Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin. It was later revealed that this "machine" was not an automaton at all, but was in fact a human chess master hidden in the cabinet beneath the board and controlling the movements of a humanoid dummy. Likewise, the Mechanical Turk web service allows humans to help the machines of today perform tasks for which they are not suited.

Time to get busy!

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