Monday, September 11, 2017

Good Riddance Hurricane Irma

~We are near Clermont~

The eye of Hurricane Irma passed over our home from 12:30 AM to 4:00 AM.  It came with winds that reached 90 miles an hour but those were intermittent. The winds were LOUD and unrelenting.

We managed to get to sleep about 4:30AM until about 7:00, when the sun came out.  Then we could get outside and assess the damage left behind.  Luckily, we were very, very fortunate. We did not lose power, and we have branches down on the ground but our house did not incur any damage.  The sun is out this afternoon, and the wind is still blowing.

Our county is on a curfew until 6:00PM today.  We pretty much have enough to do here at home before we venture out.  Did I mention we are so blessed to still have power?  The news is reporting that 7 million homes are without power in Florida.

This list is from way back.  I have added a current weekly list to help keep me organized.
It sometimes surprises me what I forget to actually do and even more surprising what I do remember to do.

Weekly List
1.  Follow through with financial planner investigation. Shopped around, and we are okay.  
2. Menu for week, keto meals. Uh... maybe after the hurricane. 
3. Sign us up at the gym.DONE
4. Refill Pain Meds.  Nope, don't need them anymore
5. Back hedges.     HALF ARE DONE
6. Investigate rewards CC's. Uh.... nope
7.  Get steps in on a daily basis.   Done
8.  Check out flights for Wisconsin family reunion in August.  Did not go. Too expensive

Weekly List
1.  Plan a decent menu for the week.  Maybe Keto, but at least healthier. 
2.  Work on webpage for non-profit.
3.  Push volunteer apps to the volunteer coordinator.
4.  Get steps in, at least 8,000 to 10,000 a day.
5.  Start looking at credit card bill.  Yeah, its been a problem.
6.  Look for dining room light.  
7.  Throw away 10 unnecessary items this week.
8.  Work on removing the other half of the hedges. 
9.  Take dogs to groomer.

Dinner for tonight will be left over spaghetti casserole.  Easy to reheat. I hoping that things get back to normal for everyone here tomorrow.  Curfew is still on until 6 PM tonight.  Other counties along the coast have had their curfews extended until 7AM tomorrow.

 Have you ever experienced a hurricane?   Did you have a generator as backup for power loss?


  1. Glad y'all weathered the storm(pardon the pun lol). Growing up in Va. Beach I saw my share of hurricanes but we lived far enough from the shoreline to not have to evacuate. I have seen people do crazy things in extreme weather. Stay home and stay safe!

    1. Thanks! All is well, still picking up yard debris. Content to stay home and let everyone else get in lines for gas. Still a shortage in some areas and school for the county is cancelled through Friday.