Sunday, October 29, 2017

Went to the doctor and the doctor said.....

Menopause is no joke.  The hormone roller coaster has been a bit of a interesting ride lately.  Lately being about 18 months.  A new gyn has provided me with a physical, and bloodwork.  Tubes and tubes of  bloodwork.

After reviewing the results, we are trying a treatment of progesterone, B12 injections and later testosterone pellets.    It has been about two weeks since I started the progesterone and B12.  My energy level has definitely increased, and my lackadaisical moods are improving a bit as well. 

Here is hoping for stable and steady improvements.           


  1. I took estrogen for 25 years. When the doctor made me stop, I went right back into menopause feelings. He said some people need it for many years.

  2. Glad you went to the dr. and are getting some help with the Menopause symptons.