Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Easy Peasy Hard Boiled Eggs

We eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs.  My husband takes two to work daily in his lunch, and I will typically eat two before bed, instead of cookies or chips.

In the past, I would throw 2 dozen in a pot and bring them to a boil, turn off the burner, cover the pot and let them sit for 22 minutes.  They turned out fine, except peeling them was always iffy.   I would add baking soda to the water and that would help but not always.  I would let them cool completely and sometimes that would help, or at least I thought it did.  It was never perfect and the boiled eggs would look a little rough because of my struggle peeling them. And..... it took forever to peel them!

Now... I use a rice steamer to prepare my hard-boiled eggs.  It is easy, no mess, take 22 minutes and the eggs are EASY to peel and turn out perfect.

  Here is my steamer.  I add 2 cups of water into the bottom.  Add 12 eggs into the insert, and set my phone timer for 22 minutes.

After 22 minutes, I remove the eggs and put them in an ice and water filled bowl for 10 minutes.

They are easy and to peel, it takes just a few minutes to remove the shells.

They turn out perfect every time.  


  1. Is a rice steamer the same thing as a rice cooker? I have never wanted a rice steamer/cooker, but it would be worth it for cooking boiled eggs. And, I would boil them more often. One tip for boiling eggs that will come out of the shell cleanly--use older eggs. Fresh eggs are hard to peel.

    1. It is the same thing. Agree, older eggs are easier to peel, but with the rice cooker/steamer, I can throw any egg in there and it comes out perfect.

  2. I'll have to try that! The last two times I tried to make hard boiled eggs in my egg cooker and just in a pot of boiling water, they shells stuck horribly.

  3. Came out perfect and was so easy to peel! Thank you for sharing your method!

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