Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Spring Cleaning

We have tile throughout the whole house and keeping it clean with two dogs, two cats, and two humans is an endless job.  We have lived here for seven years, and when we moved we brought the old vacuum that we used on a house full of carpet.

It was a Hoover, with a bag that had to be replaced monthly.  The animal hair was out of control ( did you know how much an English Bulldog can shed?? Me either!!)  Last week, Hoover took a dump and I was finally able to replace it.

My daughter is a bit obsessed with vacuums as she has three in her possession. She recommended the Shark and after a little research, I found one on sale at Target and brought that baby home.

I Love This Vacuum!!  I am embarrassed to reveal just how much dog hair and dirt this new vacuum picked up!

I think the visual of seeing the actual hair and dirt that the vacuum picks up is so darn satisfying.  It is easy to operate, lightweight and is my new favorite "appliance".

 After I vacuum, I follow up with the Libman spray mop. It picks up what the vacuum misses and leaves the house smelling fresh and clean.

Cleaning the house is my new obsession.  Housework was one of those things that were neglected during knee replacement surgeries.
At the time, I just did not care.

As I go through the rooms to clean, I am still finding items that I no longer want or need, and I gathering them to take them to Goodwill or the local animal shelter thrift store.

There is still more yard work to do, post-hurricane debris to haul off and old shrubs that need to be pulled out so we can make room for a privacy fence in the future.

How is  your Spring cleaning coming along?

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