Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Update

We have been working on getting the house back in order.  With both knee replacement surgeries in Aug 2016 and Jan 2017, I have been out of commission with recovery and physical therapy for a good bit of time. That and I did not really care which could have been a combo of pain meds, depression and or menopause.

Yesterday we hauled off two trailers of post-hurricane yard rubbish to the landfill.  Originally, we priced it out to see what we would be charged to have it done by a private company.  Uh...$400.00   No thanks.  We borrowed the trailer, loaded it twice yesterday, drove to landfill and unloaded it.  Free of charge. 

According to the scales at the landfill, we dropped off close to 1000 lbs of yard waste/branches.  After a shower, dinner we both fell asleep on the couch.  Long day, for sure. 

We still have two more loads to carry off to the landfill.  The price of neglect is trying to play catch up.

 We have been making good use of our Disney passes.  At least every other week, we go to one of the parks.  This past Tuesday, it was the Magic Kingdom.  We booked fast passes on Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Small World.

 Typically, we go when the kids get out of school and stay a few hours.  The crowds are increasing and the weather is unseasonably warm, so a couple of hours is about all I can take. 

I am very appreciative of the time I get to spend with my grandkids, they just grow up so darn fast.

We signed them up for soccer and that starts this Monday.  It is a short season and will keep them busy and outside for the next couple of months.  It is at the YMCA and is more for fun and to learn the game. 

Today, my husband is a guest speaker at his friend's local Haitian church.  He has preached/ taught there previously, and they invited him back. Last time, he had an interpreter, this time there will be no interpreter. You just never know where God will take you. 

Spring has passed us by,  and summer temps are here in full force. It has been running on average of 85 degrees daily.  Luckily, the humidity is still low so it is manageable. Our AC runs almost daily.

How is the weather where you are? 

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