Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Checking in Tuesday List

Yesterday, I was under the weather with a flare-up of diverticulitis.  I don't know what brought it on, but it may have been the meal from Taco Bell Sunday night.  I am just guessing, but it certainly was something I ate.  Most of the day I spent on the couch, or in bed, or in the recliner with a heating pad.

 Today, the pain is gone.   And so is one of my indoor cats.  Artie, a cute fluffy male, that my husband absolutely fell in love with when he was a foster, managed to find his way in the garage and escape from the cat door in the garage door.  He is adorable, and we are devastated.  His picture has been shared on several Facebook groups and NextDoor.  We set his cat litter box outside, left food and water, one of his beds outside in hopes he returns. Cats are funny....they show up days later all like.....whaaaaat?

Last night, while I was sitting in my recliner, I started looking at my dad's family tree on Ancestry.  It is a project I work on intermittently.  In order to better keep the information straight, I started writing down the information in a notebook.  I think by writing it down and visualizing the names, it will help with keeping track of the information.  Time will tell!

We did finish up some of the projects that we wanted to get done while my husband was on his stay-cation.  The baseboards in the dining room are up.  We still need to caulk.   We were also able to sell my mom's car on Craigslist.  She has been gone since 2013, and we have been driving the car as a spare until about the last 6 months. 

 Last Week's List

1.  Work on the cat-access to garage/litter box  Eh. I may return it and try a different tatic. 
2.  Continue to search for a part-time job   Still working on it.
3.  Green Fire King glass, it is boxed, waiting for time to take it to Tennessee.
4.  Metal shed paint project.  We may just put that on hold for a time.
5.  Clean shelves in the garage   Done

Last week's list is pretty static. 

This Week's List

1.  Mow the yard
2.  Work on dad's family tree
3.  Go to Epcot  tomorrow ( Easy!)
4.  Return Cat Access Door
5.  Continue to get steps in
6.  Continue to search for a part-time job

I love Spring!  My Amaryllis are starting to bloom.  I pick up the bulbs at WalMart after the season is over.  Typically, I will only pay about $1 per bulb.  This is a picture of my first bulb to bloom this year.  They sure make me happy. 


  1. Awww....your Artie is so cute...love that face! I hope he comes home soon! :)