Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Checking in Wednesday

The days fly by, don't they!  We had plans to go to Epcot last Wednesday, but we didn't make it.  My daughter and her family decided to go to the beach for Spring Break with the kiddos.  Perfectly fine, they had a great time, especially with the heated pools.
My front yard treasures

Meanwhile, my husband and I finished the installation of baseboards in our room and almost finished putting them in the spare room on Wednesday night after work.  Progress!!

Our upcoming expenses include four new tires for my husband's truck.  Man, it is always something, isn't it?  The cost of the tires will probably wipe out our emergency fund.  Sigh!  We have been pricing tires, and so far Wal-Mart has the best price.   We just need to sit down and order them from the website and have them delivered to the store.

Almost everything on last week's to-do list was completed.   The last thing to get checked off was the return of the cat access door.  I printed off the return label from Amazon and dropped it off at UPS today. Unfortunately, we have not found our other cat that went missing last week. We still go out for daily walks in the neighborhood in hopes we will spot him.  You never know, cats are so independent...

Last Week's List

1.  Mow the yard
2.  Work on dad's family tree
3.  Go to Epcot  tomorrow ( Easy!)  Not As Planned
4.  Return Cat Access Door
5.  Continue to get steps in
6.  Continue to search for a part-time job  work in progress

I had testosterone pellets inserted almost two weeks ago.  For the most part, the hormones that my GYN has me on has greatly helped my menopause symptoms. This is the second round with the testosterone pellets, it typically takes about two weeks to feel the effects. Hot flashes, memory fog are no joke. 

We are getting our steps in for the most part.  On the average, I get in between 7,000 to 10,000 steps a day.  Most of the time, the steps are from staying active around the house, with housework, yard work and the occasional trip to the store.  Our goal now is to have a continuous session of cardio/walking for at least 30 minutes to keep our heart rate up for that length of time.  If we miss our EARLY morning walk @ 4AM we then try to make it to the gym after my husband gets home from work.  He has a work discount and our gym membership is only $26 a month.  

How has your week been going? 


  1. Well you and I are on the same page. But I can't imagine getting up at 4 a.m. I go to bed at that time some nights.

    1. It happens about twice a week. It IS early!