Friday, March 2, 2018

March Goals and Plans

March is typically a good weather month for Central Florida.  February was unseasonably warm and dry.  Let's hope the trend is short-lived and that we can enjoy the remaining Spring weather with temps in the 70's instead of the mid-80's.

The first full week of March we will be working on the yard finishing up the removal of branches and brush courtesy of Hurricane Irma.  We have hauled of two trailers of yard waste, and our goal is to complete the clean-up.

The second week of March, my husband is on vacation.  We decided to stay home this year and continue to complete neglected projects around the house.  There are baseboards and trim to put up in two rooms, trim painting in one room, and a litter box contraption to install in the garage with a pass-through from the laundry room.

The third week of March is Spring Break for the grandkids.  We have scheduled fast pass days at Disney, and there may be a trip to the beach too.

The last week of March, things should be getting back to normal with the schedules.  Unless...... I get a job, then the whole month of March schedule will need to be re-adjusted.  I have an interview scheduled for Friday, March 9th for a  PRN sonography position.  (I want to throw up).

Specific goals for March: 

1.  Schedule appointment with the accountant to prepare taxes. Done!
2.  Restore joint savings account to $1000.Almost, $775 but it is going for new tires for the truck.
3.  Track grocery spending Yes!  This was successful, Recap is here. 
4.  Track eating out spending Yes, this was successful too. 
5.  Get in 10,000 steps daily Eh, nope not every day. 
6.  Review anatomy and pathology for interview daily.  This is off the table.
7.  Entertain friends one evening, pizza, and cards maybe.... (kinda out of my comfort zone) Nope.
8.  Read "Jesus Calling" and Bible verses associated with daily reading. Most everyday, but room for improvement.

Typically, when I set very specific goals, I am setting myself up for disaster.  These goals are more general and hopefully, I will be more successful.

How about you?  What is your success rate with monthly goals?

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