Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Evening 3/18/2018

We have completed many projects around the house while my husband was on vacation.  The yard work is complete for now.   The baseboards in the kitchen and dining room are in but still need caulking. Eh... We are getting there!

Entrance of Small World
The weather was great last week, and next week we are now expecting thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday, and then a small patch of cooler weather to follow the storms.  The grand kiddos are on Spring Break this coming week so I am hoping to spend a lot of time with them and my daughter. We have Fast Passes booked for Wednesday and Friday.  It depends on the weather, hopefully, it all works out.

The kiddos spent the night last night, we had hamburgers at home and then we took them to the local park for about an hour and then we hit the Twistee Treat for ice cream again.  Today was church and Sunday school again and back to the house for lunch again.  We had sandwiches, chips and Lil' Debbies.  What is remarkable, is that we did not eat out while the grandkids were visiting.  I know, it may not be much for you all, but in the past, when the kiddos were visiting, we would typically go to McDonald's for chicken nuggets.  Okay, we still take them out for ice cream, but we can live with that.

Tomorrow is possibly lawn mowing day.  We'll see how the weather is holding up.  I would like to get it done before the rains come on Tuesday.  It typically takes me about 2 hrs.  It's not that the grass is so tall, but it is very uneven and many places. That drives me crazy.

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