Thursday, March 1, 2018

Target Shopping

A couple of nights ago, I was checking out some prices online at Wal-Mart and Target for items we use on a regular basis.  We always use coffee, Maxwell House Columbian, and Duke's Mayonnaise.

WalMart prices for the coffee ($6.93/24.5 ounces) and the mayo ( $3.49/32 ounces).   Target had the same price for the coffee but the mayo was  $0.20 less. Target is also much closer to me that WalMart by about 4 miles.

I also tried to price Nyquil online, but neither store has there prices for Nyquil online.  Since Target was closer, I went there yesterday to pick up Nyquil, Aleeve and the coffee and mayo.

Target had a deal where you could spend $25 on certain healthcare items to include Nyquil, Aleve, etc and receive a $5 Target gift card. We tend to stock up on Nyquil, as when either one of us gets sick it usually takes Nyquil to knock it out of us.

The first transaction was 2 Nyquil @ $8.99 and 1 Aleve @$9.99 (100 count with additional 30 as a bonus).  Spent $27.97.
Next transaction, Dukes Mayo @ $3.29 and Coffee @ 6.89, also needed toothpaste, so we picked up a 5-ounce tube of Aquafresh for $0.89.

The total was $11.14 before the gift card from the first transaction, and $6.14 after the gift card was applied.

I recently just activated my Target Cartwheel account, which is all new to me.  The most frustrating part of my cartwheel account app on my phone is that I get no service when I am in Target.  I researched a little bit and found out I can print out my cartwheel barcode and use that at the register when I check out, which I will try to remember to do on my next visit. EDIT:  I will try to use Target WiFi next time.  Duh!

I do not have a Red card, but I understand that you can receive an extra 5% off of your purchases when you use it.  I probably don't need another credit card ( if it is even a credit card??) to keep track of, but if we start to use Target more and more for our staples, I may look into it.

If you have any helpful tips about using cartwheel at Target, please share!!

Penny Pinching Mom explains Target CartWheel Here


  1. Not a credit card, a debit card that is owned by target and attaces to your bank account. I used to have one but do so no longer. Target should have it's own wifi so...? I generally only shop their deals and target gift card stuff. like this week you get a target gift card if you spend 25 bucks on health and I desperately need tylenol arthritix and itains and bandaids and neosporin and some other things. I also have coupons. If you are comfortable linking up your card, maybe get the drop app and choose target as one of your five stores so you can get eight points per dollar on top?

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks for the information about the Red card. Is there a particular reason you decided not to carry a Red card?
      Yes, I figured out that I could use the Target Wifi. Duh! Such a blonde moment. I went today and it worked fine.

      I have not used coupons in years, but I may try to start up again. Before, it became such a thing that it kinda took over my free time. I may try to collect coupons on JUST the things I actually use this time.
      I will look into the Drop app. Thanks for suggesting it and thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I love the Target Red card. The Target app has cartwheel and if you have a redcard it is integrated. It does take getting used to.