Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tuesday Notes

Yesterday was a day of recovery from the weekend.  My husband and I worked on cleaning up the back hedges.  Taming the back hedges has been on our radar for at least a year.  Initially, I wanted to just trim them to an acceptable height.  They were tall, at least, 9 feet tall.

Last year, we started working on the hedges, and eventually, we decided to remove them.  At least half were removed last year, which involved digging, using the Sawzall to cut roots and then wrapping a chain around the base and yanking them out with the truck.

With the cool weather in place for the weekend, we decided to remove the remainder of the shrubs, which involved all of the hard labor used previously, but we are hauling them off to the landfill this time.  We have hauled off 4 loads with the 5th load ready to go.  The aches and pains from yesterday are gone and I feel much better and not like I was just hit by a truck.

The weather is great today, sunny, no humidity and favorable temperatures.  There is still more yard work to do, and we want to get it done before the heat of summer hits.

kiddos helping Grandpa

Weekly to do List

1.  Make an appointment for taxes
2.  Get back on track with Keto diet ( totally off the rails!)
3.  Boil/steam eggs  for lunches and snacks
4.  Work on cat access door to garage/litter box
5.  Continue search for a part-time job
6.  Clean out the refrigerator ( throw out old stuff)
7.  Pack up a selection of green Fire King glass for my cousin
8.  Continue to purge stuff out of the storage shed
9.  Investigate how to paint and spiff up the metal storage shed.
10. Wash the dogs.

Although not perfect, lists definitely help to keep me on track.  How about you?

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