Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday Updates and Weekly List

From a recent trip to SeaWorld

Only about half of last week's list is finished.    Taxes are done and it's a break-even year which is a big relief.   The hubs is on vacation this week and we are still carrying stuff from the backyard ( old shrubs, limbs, and pine needles) to the landfill.

Yesterday was a trip to Orlando for a haircut and today another trip to Altamonte Springs to attend a marriage ceremony at the courthouse of a friend.  After another trip to the landfill today, I am hoping we can stay home tomorrow and not go anywhere.

Thursday is a trip to the Gyn for another round of testosterone pellets.  The first round really helped my hot flashes, memory fog and overall state of mind.  I have noticed that the hair above my lip is coming in a little faster, but I have it waxed off. Otherwise, no complaints about the pellets.  We will see how this round goes.

Last week's list

1.  Make an appointment for taxes
2.  Get back on track with Keto diet ( totally off the rails!)
3.  Boil/steam eggs  for lunches and snacks
4.  Work on cat access door to garage/litter box
5.  Continue search for a part-time job
6.  Clean out the refrigerator ( throw out old stuff)
From a recent trip to SeaWorld
7.  Pack up a selection of green Fire King glass for my cousin
8.  Continue to purge stuff out of the storage shed
9.  Investigate how to paint and spiff up the metal storage shed.
10. Wash the dogs.

This week's to-do list

1.  Work on the cat-access to garage/litter box
2.  Continue to search for a part-time job
3.  Green Fire King glass, it is boxed, waiting for time to take it to Tennessee.
4.  Metal shed paint project.  We may just put that on hold for a time.
5.  Clean shelves in the garage

We are working on my husband's to-do list while he in on vacation.  It includes putting up baseboards in two rooms, touching up paint in two rooms and whatever else he wants to get done.  We are enjoying a great week of weather, sunny and cool.  Wish it would last all month.

 Happy Tuesday!

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