Friday, March 9, 2018

What We Ate and Spent Last Week (3/1 -3/7)

It has been awhile since I actively tracked what we spend at the stores and for eating out.  Yes, we eat out more than most.  In fact, we use to eat out more.  By tracking where the money is going, I can be more accountable to myself.  There are areas to watch and cut back, but when you live with a spendthrift, it can be a challenge.  It is what it is.

3/1 Thursday: Chick Fil A $22
3/2  Friday: Grilled pork chops, roasted cauliflower, brown rice
       Husband went to Publix for snacks for grandkids  $14.50
 3/3 Saturday: Little Ceaser Pizza $12
 3/4 Sunday:  Tuna Fish Salad Subs
 3/5  Monday: Waffle House  $27
3/6 Tuesday: Grilled chicken, brown rice, grilled zucchini
3/7 Wednesday: Chili dogs ( a go-to for husband when I am at Disney)

Eating Out $75.50

  Shopping spends for last week

 3/1 Target: $13.94
3/2 Publix $14.41
3/6 Walmart $13.31
3/6 Walmart Liquor $35.26
3/6 Dollar Tree $5.35
3/7 Walmart $15.41
3/7 Publix $13.86

Total  $111.54

Let's see how we do next week.  My husband is taking a sta-cation,  a week off to finish up chores and projects around the house.  The weather is perfect for finishing up yard work, I am excited to get some of these projects buttoned up!

How was your spending last week?


  1. As we rarely eat out and are trying to live off our pantry I feel that we did really well. Dental bills have kicked our butt lately.

    1. Oh man, dental bill suck! My last cleaning the dentist said I had a cracked tooth in the back. I told him I guess I would be seeing him soon! As soon as I put $500 aside for the crown. Meh. Congratulations on living off your pantry! I admire that more than you know!

  2. Did DH make the chili dogs or buy them?
    How about trying to make one more dinner next week? I know you can do it!

    Keep up the tracking!!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! The hubs made the chili dogs at home.

  3. We eat at home a lot but my husband is in a traveling mood. We just got back from CA and now he’s planning a Branson trip. I’ll enjoy it and it won’t blow our budget. But I’m a saving mood and I’ll just have to save around the trip.

    1. We or I am trying to find balance between eating out, which my husband enjoys and eating at home.