Friday, March 23, 2018

What We Ate and What We Spent Last Week (3/15 - 3/21)

Tracking the spending for week three of March. 

Eating Out

3/15 Thursday: Leftover Lasagne. Again.
3/16   Friday:  Lil' Ceaser Pizza $15.00
What we do when grandkids spend the night
3/17  Saturday: Grilled Hamburgers at home.  Ice Cream out with grandkids $13
3/18   Sunday: Taco Bell $20
3/19  Monday  Every man for himself (I was ill)
3/20 Tuesday Chili
3/21  Wednesday Leftover chili
Total $ 48

Grocery Shopping

3/15 Thursday:  Winn Dixie $1.63 bananas
3/15 Thursday:  Dollar Tree $3.51 litter
3/19  Monday:  Aldi $12.00 grocery
3/19  Monday:  Target non-food $24.65 (new mop, Target brand Windex, cold meds, etc)
3/20  Tuesday:  Aldi $ 33.00  grocery (stuff I forgot Monday)
3/21 Wednesday:  Publix $21.65 BOGO Ritz, BOGO Pasta, Safeguard Soap, Chicken Wings for Disney
Total $59.79 
If we add in the Target shopping for nonfoods ($24.65)   then the 
The total is $84.44

Tracking definitely helps with keeping costs down. Duh!   Without the task of tracking, our spending would definitely be higher. We are using up some of the items in the pantry/freezer and that helps keep costs down. 

my view from the seat of the tractor
Our Wednesday night Disney/Epcot plans fell through.  Hopefully, we can pull it together and make it happen in two weeks. Yesterday, I took care of mowing the lawn and cleaning up the driveway from leaves and debris. 

The weather is absolutely beautiful, clear, sunny and about 70 degrees.   The weekend it will be much warmer, about 80 degrees.  As long as the humidity stays down, it will still be pretty out.

Plans for the weekend include finishing up the baseboard in the bedrooms,  taking another load of yard debris to the landfill maybe. 

We had a large stump from a tree that we had to take down after Hurricane Irma visited us last year. I was fine with just letting the stump stay and not worry about it.

The hubs wanted to dig around the large base and get it out of the yard.  Sigh...   Well, our neighbor was borrowing a backhoe to dig a trench to run city water to his house. His well was on it lasts leg.  As soon as my husband saw that backhoe, he could not stop talking about diggin' up that tree stump.

neighbor digging in our backyard
After our neighbor trenched his yard,  he headed over to our yard and dug around the base of the stump.  Now, we have a "new" yard project and a big hole in the backyard. .  Remove the dug up roots and carry them off to the landfill.  Lawd... it never ends!

 What are your plans for the weekend?  Fun stuff or projects?


  1. Okay, I am focused on the extremely red ice cream cone. How? What flavor is that? Extreme Cherry?

    1. Hi Linda, It is a cherry dip cone. The vanilla soft serve is "dipped" into a candy cherry coating. It is my favorite.

  2. I love cherry dip cones, they are my favorite.