Thursday, March 29, 2018

What We Ate and What We Spent Last Week (3/22 - 3/28)

last Friday at Aldi
Here is where we stand so far with our eating out and grocery spending. Since there are three more days in the month, I will continue to track and update at the end of March.  

So far.... we have only eaten out once this week.  I was just wiped out, as my CPAP mask was leaking air.  I need it to be flush on my face  to receive full benefit and when it does not, I do not get the rest I need to function. 

That has been resolved with a new mask, and I am sleeping much better. 

The ham I cooked Saturday has been giving us a bunch of leftovers.  I think we are just about done with it, I will save the bone and freeze it for later.  Maybe a ham soup?  

Eating Out

3/22 Thursday: Grilled Chicken, and Large Salad
3/23    Friday: Philly cheesesteak subs 
3/24  Saturday: Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, Fresh strawberries
3/25   Sunday: Everyman for himself 
3/26  Monday  Cabbage, and Ham(leftovers) 
3/27   Tuesday: Chick Fil A $20
3/28  Wednesday  Ham (leftover) Mac and Cheese, Green beans, sliced tomatoes 
 3/29  Thursday  Grits, Eggs, Bacon, Fresh Tomatoes
3/30    Friday
3/31   Saturday 

Grocery Shopping

3/ 27 Tuesday Publix $69.08 ($20 for beer)
3/27   Tuesday Aldi  $25.47

The Publix shop was for Powerade, they are priced $4.00 an 8pk until the 30th.  The hubs takes one to work daily, and he drinks them on the weekend, especially when we are working around the house.  We also picked up soda that was on sale, I like diet Mountain Dew and Publix Diet Tonic Water.  Coffee, and beer were added to the list as they were on sale too. In fact, my cart was full of beverages, or beverage related items. 

I know, water would be so much better for me. But it is what it is. 

Since we already had our ham last week, I decided to pick up two Rib Eye steaks from Aldi for our Easter dinner.  Our kids are either working, or have other plans.  We will see the grandkids Easter morning when they get to hunt eggs.  My daughter works nights, so when she gets home we will head over to her house for a short visit. 

What are your plans for Easter?  


  1. Just gonna sit home and cook a nice meal. Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary really except for deviled eggs.
    I've never heard of diet tonic water....I thought that didn't have sugar in it to begin with. 8-)
    I've got to go finish my monthly tally on food shopping. It won't be pretty. ugh.

    1. Tonic water, I know!! It surprised me too.
      And deviled eggs... one of my favorites.

  2. Can't seem to find your email me if you want some help on your family tree, maybe I can help. arcure(at)ptdprolog(dot)net

  3. Nothing special here - the kids are grown up and ds has to work anyways, so just a normal day for us. It made me laugh about the shopping trip - when Diet Coke goes on sale our carts will also be filled with nothing but beverages :)

    1. And....we went back for BOGO Fanta. We should be good for at least a month!!