Friday, April 13, 2018

Chugging Along and What We Have Spent So Far

The family farm in Southwest Wisconsin ( a family member still 
owns it)
It has been a slow and uneventful week around here.  The hubs is off a few days this week, as he worked the weekend last week.  He is busy with church maintenance projects out in the garage.  It involves building a platform for one of the church AC units and that is all I need to know.

The weather has been super nice, we did have a rainy day on Tuesday, but otherwise, the week has been great. I had a day at Disney scheduled with one of my animal shelter friends, but we were rained out.

I have been actively applying for jobs online.  I think I mentioned it before, I would very much like to get back into the state retirement system, I have checked local city and county websites for available jobs and it is slim pickings.

It will happen, it will just take time.  Meanwhile, if another job becomes available, I would probably take it.    Am I bored?  Maybe.  Since I resigned my position with the non-profit, I have had a lot of time to get certain projects done around the house.  Most of the ones that were bothering me and hanging over my head have been addressed.

There are more projects that need to get done, but they also need cash to fund them.  So there you go. We would like to fence in the backyard with a privacy fence, due to the large size of the lot it would be close to $5000.  Yikes!  We want to paint the house, replace the metal roof on the RV carport ( we don't have an RV, it was here when we bought the house) And then there is the above ground pool...  Yeah, the list keeps growing.

Below is what we have spent on groceries and eating out.

Money Spent So Far This Month

Week 1 Publix $4.50  Milk and bananas Aldi $1.99 heavy  whipping cream  DG $2.70 eggs

 Winn Dixie $84.38                                                                     
                  TOTAL  $93.57

Week 2   WalMart  $12.84   BJ's $2.99     Aldi $78.52      CVS $7.50 trash bags    

              TOTAL  $101.85

Week 3  

Week 4 

Health and Beauty

Week 1 CVS $10.99  Detergent and dish soap I use and had coupons for
Week 2 CVS  $5.38 Shampoo and dish soap that I use and had coupons for. 
Week 3
Week 4

Animal Care

Week 1 $2.15 litter Dollar Tree
Week 2  $13.00 dog food  Walmart 
Week 4


Week 1 $18.99  included in the Winn Dixie shopping trip
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Eating Out

Week 1  $38.00
Week 2  $11.77 + ( $11.50) hubs had to work a double on Sunday and had to buy his dinner.  $23.27 total 
Week 3
Week 4

 $4.00 saved on Ibotta

Tracking how we spend $$$ is so much fun! ;-)  Definitely an eyeopener.  

The weekend will include more yardwork.  We are pulling up small stumps along the back fence and I will probably mow the yard.  Kinda looking forward to that.  It will be warmer, but the humidity won't be so bad.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Anything fun?

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