Saturday, April 7, 2018

Fair Fun

My grandson and I are waaay up there!
Last night, we went to the local county fair with my daughter and her family.  We were able to purchase armbands @ $15 per person and that allowed you to ride as many rides as you wanted.

 Regular prices for individual tickets for the rides were 40 tickets for $20 and each ride was between 10 to 6 tickets.  The armbands were definitely the way to go. Admission was $9 a person, but last night was BOGO. 

The weather was very accommodating, not too hot and as the sun went down the temps dropped enough to make the evening very pleasant. 

We were able to ride many rides multiple times with no lines and no waiting.  Definitely a big difference from Disney, where there are always lines unless you book the fast pass. 

Fair food is enticing, and we did try to avoid being hungry by eating dinner at home before we left for the Fair.  

But, when you get to the fair and smell all those delicious aromas, grilled onions and peppers, popcorn, etc it is so hard to resist.  And we naturally succumbed and tried the pizza, fries and deep-fried Oreos.  Unfortunately, the hype of the aromas at the fair did not pan out, and the pizza was without taste and the french fries were lacking taste as well. 
Deep Fried Oreos

The deep-fried Oreos were delicious! 

On the budgeting front, I need to plan for next year's visit to the Fair. I shuffled some cash around to have enough for the entrance cost, food, and games for the kiddos.  Kinda like robbing Peter to pay Paul, you may know how that goes. 

Today's agenda includes walk, some shopping at CVS.  I am figuring out how best to use Ibotta, Checkout 51 and the few EB rewards I have on hand.  

The hubs has to work this weekend, so I have time to attend to a few chores around the house too.  Next week, I have plans Monday and Tuesday, so catching up on clothes and vacuuming is on my list to get done today.

Hope your weekend is awesome!


  1. I go to the fair just for the food. But you are right it can really add up. However time spent with the littles is not a bad way to spend money.

    1. I agree, time and money spent on the littles is never a bad thing.