Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hump Day

Monday was a busy day around the house.  The weather was postcard perfect, sunny and cool.  I was able to get the yard mowed and edged, the clothes washed, the floors vacuumed and mopped.  It was nice to get caught up with the weekly chores.

Tuesday, I ran to the store to pick up bread, eggs, and coffee.  A friend and I did have plans to go to Epcot, but one of her family members became sick on Monday and she had to stay home and take care of them.  The rest of the day, I spent on Ancestry working on my dad's genealogy
and posting some pictures on my mom's Ancestry side of the family. When digging back throughthe information available.  It is just like a treasure hunt.

This obituary popped up on my search.  This is my dad's mom who passed in 1930.  My dad was 8 years old, and he and his baby sister were put in an orphanage shortly after their mom's death.  The older kids managed to avoid that, maybe they worked to support the household.  More to find out, that's for sure. I just could not imagine the pain that he and his family felt at that time.

Sluggy @ Dont Read This; It  Is Boring has been helping me out on Ancestry.She is a wiz at it!  I am still figuring out my way around on the Ancestry website, it can be a bit overwhelming!

I did have a call from a part-time job I applied for yesterday.  It was for a mobile vet company, answering phones and scheduling clients.  The business is co-owned by a husband and wife team and is located 3 miles from home.   I worked/volunteered with the husband when he was the County manager and was so hoping that I would be able to work with their company.

 But, they were looking for someone that could be available EVERY Sunday.  I was open to working every other Sunday, as I really like to attend church and Sunday school when I have the kiddos spend the night on Saturdays. I told them to keep me in mind for the future!

Since resigning from the non-profit back in January, I have been able to get many tasks around the house completed.  It has been nice, but getting out on a regular basis with a part-time job sounds good too. I am staying ahead of the depression that tends to plague me, but it is not always easy.  The testosterone pellets are not helping like they did the first time around.  I have read that is to be expected, and I will follow up with my dr at the next appointment.

Today, fingers crossed, we are going to Animal Kingdom with the grandkids when they get out of school.  It will be good to get out of the house.

Have you researched your genealogy? How much time do you spend on it? 


  1. I'm about to tiptoe into that pool post wedding trip. Ancestry here I come.

  2. I loved doing my genealogy - a few years ago I would spend hours on ancestry doing research. It was fantastic as I had no information on my Dads side and via Ancestry managed to find out a lot about my history,

  3. Don't even get me started on how much time I spend on researching ancestry!! lololz

    Too bad that part time position didn't work out days/times wise. I bet once they can't find someone as good as you they call you back and make an exception. ;-)

    1. Haha! I can only imagine how much time you spend on Ancestry! Fingers crossed they call back. You never know!!

  4. I'm SO jealous - I want to go to Animal Kingdom SO badly!!! I grew up in Miami but that was way before Animal Kingdom - last time I went to Epcot I think they had only finished 4 countries!!!

    1. I have lived in Central Florida since 1970 and had visited Disney a handful of times through out the years. The times I did get to go to the park was through the generosity of friends that worked there. I was very hesitant to get Disney Park passes as I am kinda cheap and thought they are were very overpriced.

      I feel differently now as we go to the parks at least twice a month, stay for a couple of Fast Pass Rides and leave. Sometimes we stay longer for the parades, but it is nice to know we can go home and come back whenever we want.

      I hope you get to make a return trip to Disney in the near future!!