Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Lightening the Load

 Yesterday I dropped off three boxes of depression glass, Fire King and some bells I use to collect at a consignment thrift store in Orlando.

The owner adds it to her already full store and when it sells she gets a cut and so do I.

I could have listed it on eBay, and some of it was listed on ebay in the past, but I just wanted it gone.

When I go back next month with another load, she will cut me a check for any that has sold.

I was way over the top with this stuff and it felt good to get rid of almost all of it.

Truth be told, I did go through the boxes one last tine and picked a FEW pieces that I could not let go of just yet.

The curio cabinet WAS empty but not so much now.

I still have a few more boxes of glass to go through, and hopefully will have more stuff picked and ready to go next month.

Have you cleaned out your curio/china cabinet? 


  1. My mother has so much of this stuff packed away. When she gors I will have to go through all of it. What a pain.

    1. My kids didn't want any of it. So out it goes!