Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday 4/2/2018 Brakes, Tires and Easter Fun

We had a great Easter weekend, the grandkids came over Saturday night, there were multiple Easter egg hunts both at home and at church. Earlier Saturday, my husband had to replace the brakes on his
truck.  The parts for that came to $225.  It is a blessing that he can do the work himself, and has for years.  We have saved a ton of money with his skills. 

Of course, since we or I am now seriously tracking our spending again, we really did not have that money put away.  It came out of our checking account which is ten times better than charging it.  Now our checking account is quite low, which is an incentive to not spend much if any money this week. 

Tires Ain't Pretty!
We also had to buy tires for his truck.  The tires that came with the truck when we bought it 4 years ago (42,000 miles) are losing tread and needed to be replaced.  Unfortunately, he did not make it a regular practice to rotate the tires, we may have been able to get more miles on them if he did.  With this new set, we ordered from WalMart for $635.00 he said he would be more diligent with tire rotation.  The cost of the tires was charged, but we will pull the $635.00 out of savings to cover the cost.  I used Ebates to purchase the tires and learned that Ebates does not offer savings on tire purchases. Eh, now I know. 

This pending withdrawal will leave very little cash in the house savings account.  But, at least we had it, so there is that.  

Yesterday afternoon, we took the trailer back to my son's house.  We live in the same county, but it still takes about 45 min to get there.  We had a nice visit with my son, his wife, and our grown grandson and 3 yr great-grandson.   

Initially, I had planned to grill previously purchased steaks for our Easter dinner.  Unfortunately, we did not get home in time to bust out the grill and fix dinner.  So, we fixed scrambled egg, ham and cheese sandwiches on Cuban rolls.  They were awesome AND we did not go out to eat.  Score!!

Did your Easter go as planned or did you have to improvise? 

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