Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday's List of Things to Get Done

Today is like my Monday.  I am taking care of my housework and clothes today as tomorrow is a trip to Orlando for my haircut and a stop at the consignment shop that I am dropping off some of my
depression glass for resale.

1.  vacuum and wash floors
2.  wash laundry
3.  2-mile walk
4.  clean bathroom
5.  change the litter
6.  bake a cake or brownies Nope, no eggs on hand
7.  cut some coupons
8.  wash grandson's comforter
9.  sweep off the front porch
10.  Pledge the end tables
11.  Wash dog bed

I have had good luck with the kitty litter from Dollar Tree.  I only have to change it once a week, now that we are down to one cat.  No odor, but it is a bit messy.  I was using more expensive litter and having to change it more often.

We had a big storm blow through last night.  There are branches and odd pieces of paper all over the place.  A couple of my amaryllis with the blooms are laying on the ground.  Sigh... We need the rain, but not the wind.

Dinner is going to be easy tonight.  It will be chili dogs or grilled chicken.  Nothing too fancy.  Hubs is working this weekend, so housework is easy to get done.

What is on your list of things to do today? 


  1. How far do you drive for the haircut. We had an excessive amount of strong wind with our recent rain. It was very annoying.

    1. Orlando is about 30 miles from here. I have had the same stylist for over 30 years. I have strayed and tried a local Great Clips a time or two during those 30 years, and I was never satisfied with the cut.

  2. OUr weather has been wacky here also.