Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday This and That 4/5/2018

 The weather was perfect for a walk today.  65 and with low humidity.  I managed to get in 3.7 miles today.  That is a bit more than I planned on, but the weather and the view made it easy.

We are fortunate to have a ton of bike/walking trails to take advantage near our home.

I tend to pick a different path depending on the weather.  Today, I walked on a path near us but is also near a small cattle ranch.

The area was definitely more rural when we moved out here in 2011, but luckily the small ranch has avoided being transformed into tract housing.

I have chicken thighs in the crockpot, one of three new recipes (part of my April Goals) I am trying this month.

I will share the recipe in a couple of days.  One of the ingredients is beer, so it has to be good, right?

Besides the regular list of chores to do today, I will work on cleaning a rolling rack in the garage.  It use to hold all my eBay supplies, etc.  Now it is a catch-all for everything.

I may be able to get my fridge wiped down today too.  It is getting emptier, and emptier, which is a good thing.  That means I am using what we have and staying out of the grocery stores.

I did get the correct tires ordered from WalMart online last night.  At least, I hope they are the right ones.  Pretty sure they are.  They were a little more expensive as they were a bit bigger.

Later on today, after the grandkiddos get out of school, we are going to the park for a bit. Better to be playing outside then be inside on the devices.

How is your day going?  Any new recipes to try out in your future?

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