Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wednesday Stuff 4/4/2018

For three days straight, I have successfully walked in the morning.  It started out with 2 miles and today I walked 3 miles.  When I am walking, I listen to "This American Life" podcasts.  The podcasts last about an hour and that keeps my mind busy and engaged while I am walking.  Walking has worked for me in the past (before double knee replacement) in improving my health and slowly
losing weight.  At this stage in life with turning 60 just two years away, I really want to improve my health. 

40 years ago 
Another reason for getting back into shape is my 40th high school reunion is this summer.  The date has not been set, but the sense of urgency for getting myself together is very real.  Isn't it funny how the potential for seeing people that you knew 40 years ago will prod or motivate you to get back into shape? 

Not that 3 months is enough time, but every little bit of exercise/working out will help me in the long run. 

The tires for my husband's truck from WalMart online arrived yesterday.  Evidently, I ordered the wrong size.  Well, crap.  I went to WalMart last night, and refunded the tires and will re-order the correct size tires today.  On my way back home from WalMart, I stopped at Aldi's and picked up a carton of heavy cream. 

Yesterday was a day of errands, I returned curtains to Ross and I was able to leave the store without buying anything else. Then, I stopped by Dollar General to check out their curtains.  I am looking for insulated, energy efficient, drapes.  I did find three panels that I liked, but they only had three panels and I need four.  When I head out later this week, I will check the other Dollar General Stores. 

I picked up two bags of kitty litter at Dollar Tree, and then I stopped at CVS.  I had a CVS coupon for $4.00 off a Revlon product.  They had a lip gloss for $4.99 that I picked up for my daughter's birthday in October.  She loves lipgloss and or makeup.  The transaction gave me a 40% off coupon for a full price item that I may go back and use later this week. 

Time to boil some eggs and bake some bacon.  We keep the boiled eggs and cooked bacon on hand in the fridge for a quick snack.  My husband likes bacon on his sandwiches. 


  1. I think if I look at one more boiled egg.... Good for you on your exercise.

    1. haha! I know... But they are a good snack, with Duke's Mayo. Delish!

  2. We have our reunions every five years, so we get accustomed to the way we all look. At the 45th some people refused to come because they looked old. We all do. Next year, we will have our 55th ha reunion.

    When I boiled eggs this last weekend, I immediately devoured two, thought about it and ate another. Just before bed, I ate a fourth. I ate them plain and out of hand.

    1. With many of my classmates being on FB, I don't think we will be too shocked at how old we may look. It's probably those that are not on FB and we see for the first time and maybe don't recognize that may be a shocker.

      It's nice that you all are able to get together every 5 years, did you have a big graduating class?

      I am glad I am not alone when it comes to devouring boiled eggs :-)