Thursday, June 7, 2018

June Update

The yard work has continued since the last post.  We have removed more trees, branches, and added a few more flowering plants.  There were several more trips to the landfill to continue the process of cleaning up the yard and the fence line. 

The fences that surround our yard are not ours, but a compilation and mismatch of different fences of the homeowners that surround us. For the most part they are open wire no climb fences that more agricultural than pretty.

We have an acre of land, and you would think that would provide a level a privacy, but not so  much for us.  When you stand in our backyard, you can look around and see that we are surrounded by 6 other yards that we can look into and they can look into ours. 

It drives me crazy.  So, we are continuing to remove shrubs and trees that line the fences so we can put up our OWN privacy fence.  I cannot wait. 

With the summer rains kicking in daily, mowing the yard is a once a week event.  And it is hot as Hades, but still needs to be done. I enjoy yard work more than housework even with the intense heat. 

We have been looking at painting the outside of the house.  It's only been 7 years since we painted this house, but the paint we put up is already fading and looking yuck.  Hard to believe we have already been in this house for 7 years.  It certainly does not feel like it at all. 

We have looked at paint color swatches, driven around in different neighborhoods for inspiration and pretty much it has been fruitless.  There was nothing out there that caught our eye.  Until last week.  We drove by a house in my daughter's neighborhood and saw a house that was super cute.  What was the main thing that caught our eye?  Shutters.  And they are black shutters at that.  I never thought I would want black shutters, but with the paint scheme on that house, which we are going to try to replicate, I really love them.

Our current house does not have shutters, in fact, none of the houses on this street, cul de sac have shutters.  We or I am going to Home Depot to get a set of shutters and we will hang them up and see how they look.  Maybe we can move forward with changing the paint color after that.  I sure hope so.

 We are keeping kiddos busy with Vacation Bible School this week.  Next week, we are going to hit Legoland, they had a BOGO on yearly passes.  Our Disney passes are blacked out for the next two months, which is fine.  Pretty sure we did get our money's worth out of those.  Did I mention we have SeaWorld passes too?  BOGO on Black Friday special.  They have Aquatica, a big waterpark that we take the kiddos to about once a month.  We are homegrown tourists.

For now, I am still unemployed.  I decided against going back into selling on eBay.  I just can't get all carried away with that stuff again.  And, my heart is just not into it.  When I originally sold on eBay, it was fun.  I didn't find that spark when I tried to start it up again.

My mom's birthday was June 1st.  Since she passed 5 years ago, ( I cannot believe it been 5 years) I till struggle with her death and our relationship.  Around her birthday, I still get in a funk.  Man, I hope upon hope that every year will get better, but not yet.  5 years..... still can't believe it. 

Still staying busy, trying not to go crazy! 

How are you doing? 


  1. Mother/Daughter relationships are often fraught with emotional baggage so hugs on that. Mine has been gone 18 years in Aug. So much was left unsaid as she died unexpectedly/quickly.

    If I was in sun baked FL I might think about vinyl siding on the house. The new generation of products seem to look better and hold up much better than the old stuff(like what is on OUR house).lolz I'd rather not have to paint a house....
    They redid a house around here a few years ago in a faux cedar plank siding in an awesome dark green color that looks great! I want that house's siding.

    1. I hope the relationship I have with my daughter is better than the one I had with my mom. We get along well, but there are always those unforeseen bumps along the way. Luckily, we are able to move past them quickly.

      We have not really thought about vinyl for the house. I like the look of it when I see it on houses up north, Wisconsin for example) but that is as far as it goes. We have vinyl fencing in the front yard, and I have clean it yearly as it gets all green and yucky from the hot, humid and wet summers we have. Maybe that is the deterrent to vinyl on the house, I don't know.

      Of course, when we fence in the back yard with vinyl privacy fence panels... there will be more cleaning to do.