Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday Stuff

We had the grandkids spend the night last night.  That is sort of out of our normal schedule usually it is Saturday night and then we most of the time go to church and Sunday school the next day.   I think the change was a little disruptive to the kids schedule as well.  The oldest, Big C, 9 yr old boy was out of sorts and not quite himself.

We chatted about it at bedtime and come to find out he had plans to play video games with his dad last night.  He said he felt that he did not want to disappoint us by not coming over.  I told him he can certainly make his own decisions about spending the night with us and that it would not hurt our feelings at all.

He also said that no one listens to him and that school stresses him out AND that each summer is becoming less and less enjoyable because of all the chores he has to do at home.  I just let him vent and talk, talk, talk.  Poor thing....

I hate to mention it to his parents, but I probably should and I will.  I just need to figure out the best way to present it.   They tend to be a bit aggressive in finding out what is wrong, you know what I mean?  Not physically, more verbal.  Not in a bad way, it just seems over the top for me.  But who knows, maybe I was the same way too.

Its thundering out and we are on our way to Epcot.  Disney extended our Silver passes for an extra month so we are taking advantage of it.  It is hotter than balls out, but we will do the fast passes for two shows and a ride.  Then peace out!


  1. OH! Poor kid. You know, we tend to believe kids have nothing to feel stressed out, but some kids, just like adults, need downtime--they need to be in their own homes doing a lot of what appears to be nothing. We have a family trip coming up, which should be a lot of fun, and it will be, but both I, and eldest DS are really looking forward to its end, where we can schedule a whole lot of NOTHING. I had to have a conversation with a DD and youngest DS earlier in the week, after they asked DH to do a bunch of impromptu carpooling yesterday, right at dinnertime no less, the last day of school. DS assumed our driving son would just jump at the chance to do her bidding. Just being asked was stressing him out. Funny, she knew better than to ask me. I told those two kids that they had no right to determine how we spend our time, or direct the activities of others, particularly when our trip was right around the corner. I told them I don't plan things for them without consulting them, so they can't do it to us.

    1. The grandson's downtime this summer is split between building forts out of cardboard boxes, (large refrigerator boxes) and video games with a few visits to the local attractions thrown in.

      And I agree with you, doing nothing is the best stress reliever.