Saturday, July 14, 2018

Monkey Wrench ~ Maybe

I was chatting with my financial planner yesterday about the progress of my investments and what to do with the proceeds from the sale of my mom's house.  I still have my parents house that they left me when they passed.  Currently, it is being rented by my son.   The house is located in a wonderful well-established neighborhood, no HOA and a new K-8 school is being built and will be open in 2019. 

While we were talking about that and other things, I did mention that I was going back to work in August as a Teacher Aide.  He then mentioned that his friend owns a new business.  This business is stem cell-based therapy, and according to the financial planner, business is booming.  His friend is seeking sonographers to help in the procedures. 
The new vinyl fence along driveway right after installation first I didn't think I would be interested but after some thought, I am going to ask for an introduction and see if the position is a possibility for me.  It is basically assisting with the procedure and providing quality imaging while the doc is injecting the stem cells into the joints.

Our backyard has its new privacy fence in place.  I love it!  It makes such a big difference in how the yard looks and how I feel when I am in the back yard.  Pricey, but worth every penny.

We will be adding a few more improvements to the backyard in the very near future. But first, we must get the house painted.   The plans are to get that done this upcoming week.  The hubs is taking three days off and we are going to give it our best shot to get it all done by the time he goes back to work.  Major accomplishment, if we can get the checked off our to do list.


  1. Good luck on the introduction and possible job. As for which to choose, why don't you make a list of pros/cons(ie-which pays more, which would give you more tie flexiblity, give you more joy, etc.)

    Would love to know more about your fence as it looks awesome! How long did it take for them to install it? Is it wood or that Trex stuff? Cost? We are considering having one put in.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes! Sometimes things sound to good to be true, but if they call I will definitely weigh my options and see if it is a good fit.

    The fence is a vinyl product, it has a 25yr warranty for normal wear and tear which does not include hurricanes and other acts of God. It took a crew of 5 about 8 hrs to install the fence, each post received a bag of cement and almost 1/4 of the post holes had to be drilled due to large tree roots. We fenced in 530 feet of our back yard, and we spent $11,500.00. We considered wood fence, but the upgrade to vinyl was only a $2000.00 difference.

    We went with the tan colored inserts as opposed to all white or all tan because it is different and it pops. The company had many options that were striking and more elegant, but the price was more.

    We went with this particular company as they put in my daughter's fence several years ago and we personally witnessed the durability of the fence to date.

    Had to google Trex to see what it was. Nope, we went with vinyl.

    1. Thanks for the info. I said Trex b/c I know they do decks and it's a man made product...don't know if they make fences out of it.lolz
      The combo of colors does pop! We've got a neighbor who has his satellite dish sitting on blocks right on our property line pointing at our house and I'm tired of looking at it. lolz

    2. Oh man, I totally understand.