Friday, July 20, 2018

The Weather is Predictably Unpredictable

The weather we are experiencing is typical for this time of year.  Rain, rain, rain.  We were trusting the weather predictions earlier this week which stated that the chance of rain would be very low towards the end of the week.  Not so much. The weather has a mind of its own.

What does all this rain mean?  It means we will have to postpone our house painting once again.  Meh.

There are still things we can do inside while we are dodging the rain.  I ordered bunk beds from WalMart and mattresses from Amazon for the grandkids to put them in one room when they stay the night.  Sheet sets were picked up at Target on clearance.

I ordered a desk for me from WalMart that needs assembly. I have missed having a desk for me and all my controlled chaos.  Currently, I keep stuff like bills, notices, etc, in little bins that are stashed in a closet.    Or on a bed.  Or the dining room table.  You see the problem here, don't you? 

Last week, I found this lovely gazing ball at Old Time Pottery at 30% off.  It was definitely calling my name!  Last year, Hurricane Irma took out the other gazing ball that sat in the same spot since we moved here seven years ago.   The front flower bed is now complete with the addition of my new bright and shiny gazing ball.

I have not heard anything from the potential ultrasound job.  Time will tell if they call or not.  I am curious, but again I am content that I have employment secured already with the local school system.

We are still pitching out stuff that we no longer need.  I finally let go of a couch of my mom's that I kept in a spare room since her death.  Since I was able to get rid of that, it has been easier to move forward with making my house my home. 

There is still stuff of hers that I have kept, small pieces of furniture, lamps, jewelry, and photos.  And... her house.  I still have her house as a rental.  But, in two years it is my goal to sell that too.

 How is your weather where you are?  Predictable or unpredictable?


  1. VERY predictable.....100+ until September....kill me.....