Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Travel Suggestions for Washington DC

We are planning a trip to Washington DC for our 40th wedding anniversary.  Our anniversary is the day after Christmas, and we will be in DC that week.  We have never been, and welcome suggestions for sights to see, places to eat and places to stay. 

Things are picking up this week appointment wise, I had my annual GYN yesterday, and lunch with a friend from elementary school. 

Thursday I am going back to the dentist to get a crown on a cracked tooth.  Can't wait for that.  Pfft. After that appointment, I am off to get my mammogram.   I am motivated (finally) to get all my stuff done before I go back to work next Friday. 

We have not been able to paint the house, as we have had rain every day for the last 17 days.  That will probably have to happen in October when the rains stop and the humidity goes away. 

Today's agenda is to get out there and mow the yard, pick up a few things at Aldi's and finish up laundry.   Sounds exciting, right? 


  1. Courtyard and Residence in Roselyn are well within walking distance of the metro and get you into a district that it is easy to find food and smiles. In town, the Hamilton or Marriott near the White House. The Metro Center Metro is one of the better ones for connections. Take the Metro. It is easy to figure out and the best way to get around. Uber is good- but my rides often got lost;).
    On that note, don't rent a car for the entire time. If you want to go down to Mt Vernon (highly recommend) for the day, reserve a car at National Airport, metro there and drive it to and from there. WAY easier. Parking is big city and very expensive in town.
    Write your Representative/Senator now. Make requests for tours of the Capital, White House (probably won't happen- very limited at Christmas time), Treasury. Even if you don't end up using them--it would be good to have. Remember that most of DC is closed down that week---half schedules are common. Make reservations for the Holocaust Museum- if you have never been, totally worth the time. Smithsonian(s) are open 10-5 in winter. Decide what you want to see before hand. I have been there 100s of times and find something new every time. I enjoy Ford's Theater and the museum attached. The National Gallery- but I am a sucker for Monet and DaVinci. Again, get a guide to where your favorite artists are located. It is a big place.
    Watch the weather. We can be 60 degrees or 15 degrees that week. We can be in snow or rain as well. It is a wonderful time of the year to visit- as long as you are dressed properly.
    I hope you have a wonderful visit!

    1. Janette, Thank you so much for your help and insight. We already contacted our representative and submitted requests to see Supreme Court, Capital Building,the White House, Library of Congress, and Bureau of Engraving and Printing. According to the White House schedule, they are closed for tours that week.

      Good to know about the hotels too, and the metro and touring Mount Vernon. I have been checking hotels and on site parking is incredibly expensive.

      I have started a planning list and have added The Holocaust Museum to it,as well as the National Gallery, and Ford's Theater.

      I cannot thank you enough for your input!! It is so very helpful. Now to get our room reserved!!

  2. Check out Airbnb's too. Cheaper than hotels and you can eat some meals in. We stayed in an Airbnb in Capital Hill and walked/used transit everywhere.

  3. P.S. My other suggestions are to do an evening Hop on Hop Off tour your first evening ("Monuments by Moonlight" or something like that) becuase1) the monuments do look cool all lit up at night; 2) it is an easy thing to do when you are tired from travel and 3) it gives you a bit of a sense of the layout of the tourist areas of the city and "what's where." Also we loved the Holocaust Museum, followed by a walk around the Tidepool/Jefferson Monument. It's very sobering and you need some quiet down time after to process.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Tracy! I will definitely look up the Monuments by Moonlight tour. Holocaust Museum is on our list too. Thanks for the suggestion about taking a walk around the Tidepool/Jefferson Memorial. Good idea.

      We will look at AirBnb too. Never thought of that!