Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday Stuff

Today started out with good intentions, very early in fact.  I set my alarm for 4:30 AM to I could get to the gym by 5:00 AM.  The alarm did go off as set, 4:30 AM and I promptly reset it for 6:00 AM.  Tomorrow is another day.

Work was good, my schedule is flowing smoothly and I am learning more and more about the kids I am working with.  It is fun and challenging to go between grade levels.  The kindergartners are a bit overwhelmed with all that is expected from them.  Kindergarten was not this hard, structured, or task oriented when I went.  Naps are a thing of the past.

I do have lunch duty daily and watch 14 classes total.  They dismiss every 5 minutes, so my time in the lunchroom goes quickly.  Luckily, I have two co-workers in the lunchroom with me.  For the most part, the kids are good.  As long as they are no food fights, the kids stay in their seats and they are not screaming, all is good.

Yesterday, I found all the parts to my FitBit and charged it up.  My goal is 10,000 steps a day and after a few laps around the driveway, I managed to hit 10,000.  I try to get most of my steps at work,
some days I do, some days I don't.  When I don't, I am out in the driveway walking to get my steps in.  Previously, I tracked with my health tracker on my droid.

Moving helps keep the knees limber.  When I just sit around, my joints get all jacked up.  Who has time for that?  Not me!

How was your Monday?


  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one - I volunteer in my friend's Kindergarten classroom 3 days a week (and have for 8 years) and the changes they are making are just wrong IMHO. There is no more socializing, learning to share, etc. It is work, work, work, from the minute they come in until they leave and art & music are not valued at all. Makes me CRAZY - I feel like we are pushing the kids too soon......but what do I know.

    1. Hi Sue, I agree that the kindergarten class room today is so much different that it was when my kids were in school. The classrooms are very task oriented, and the kids are required to step it up when it comes to academics. The classroom I assisted in, did have a variety of centers available for the kids. Puzzle center, dinosaurs, kitchen, doll house, and computers. Her kids are certainly benefiting from her many years of classroom experience.