Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tickets and Reservations in place.

The plane tickets for our trip to DC this December are purchased and room reservations have been secured.  The tickets started out fairly reasonable, but we typically purchase seats with additional room as my husband is VERY tall.

The room reservations took a bit to decide.  We prefer to use Marriott's when we travel and there are sooooo many Marriotts in DC and in neighboring Virginia.  We decided on a facility that offers free breakfast, social/happy hour three evenings a week,  and a free shuttle to the Metro and airport.  All the rooms are suites and offer a small kitchen with fridge and microwave which may or may not come in handy.  We will see!

As prompted by a reader, I contacted our state Senator to secure tickets to see the Capital Building, the Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and the White House.  Unfortunately, the White House is not offering tours during the week we are there. Last week, we did get an email to confirm that we have tickets to see the Capital Building on Dec 26th.  I am hoping that we will get tickets to see the Supreme Court too.

I started my new job on Friday at the elementary school.  I will be working with K-3 kids one on one giving them extra help in their classwork.  Tomorrow the students will be on campus and it will probably be a little crazy, to say the least.  The principal is opening up the campus for Monday and Tuesday so parents can walk their kids to class the first couple of days.  After that, any and all visitors will have to check in at the office before they can go anywhere on campus.

The faculty and staff that I met on Friday were very warm and welcoming, I am so hoping that I will really like this new job!  Another new hire for an identical position at the school is a friend of my daughter, so it is nice to have a friendly face that I know. We will be working with the same kids under the supervision of the same teacher.

My yearly mammo results came it the mail Thursday.  Per the postcard, additional imaging is required.  That freaked me out a bit.  I called the hospital and requested the report and the images on Friday.  The medical records department is awesome, they had them ready for me by noon the same day.
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The report states that there are calcifications seen this time that have not been seen previously. Based on this, additional imaging will be required.  Typically, spot compressions will be done.  Mostly, calcifications are not that concerning, but sometimes they will follow up with a biopsy.   When I first got the report, I freaked.  Metastatic breast cancer killed my mom.  And that is always on my mind when I get my mammogram done.  I am following up with my primary and requesting an order for the additional imaging.  So hopefully this week, I can get in to get my additional imaging.

Hope your week is wonderful!

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