Sunday, October 21, 2018

40 Year Class Reunion

Last night was my 40-year class reunion.  I was on the fence about going right up until the last minute.  Call it social anxiety, or a challenge for my introverted self, but I am happier staying home
most days.

The reunion was in the planning stages back in April of this year, I had all these plans to get back on track with diet and exercise to bring my best self to the reunion.  The plans were well intended, and on occasion, we did get to the gym but truth be told, there was no real success with weight loss. Eh.  I can live with it.

We arrived at the event location, checked in and picked up our name tags.  It took me a minute to locate my name tag, as I was not sure if it was listed by my maiden name or married name.  It was listed by my married name, with my maiden name included.

Most of the people chatted in the lobby of the venue while other classmates were arriving.  It was interesting to see how people were interacting. There were those who kept to themselves watching others. And then there were those who were like butterflies and mingled successfully with just about everyone.  Just like high school!

What I noticed for me is that I recognized more people than recognized me.  It could have been that this was my first reunion and they were unsure who I was.  I could have been that I had gaps of attendance during my junior year of high school and I had a fall from grace from my clique that was mostly the involved in everything group because of those absences. I found that once I got a car, I would rather go shopping then go to school. It is a wonder I did graduate.
Me between two friends from junior high.
Even though I am on the shy side, I did go up to many individuals and reintroduce myself to them and have a brief conversation.  The majority of the ones I did chat with or had more in common with attended my elementary and junior high school.  It seems I remembered them more than they remembered me.  That was fine.  I did see and chat with several of my closer contacts from high school and we were able to catch up a bit. 

FaceBook helped us to stay connected and see a peek into each of our lives on a regular basis.  We had the commonality of talking about watching each of our families grow up on FB and that was a part of our conversation and helped with the awkwardness, at least for me.

After all is said and done, I will try harder to stay in touch, as in face to face conversations with a couple of friends.  These girls were friends from junior high and I still feel a special connection with them.  For me, when you are young, raising a family right out of high school and working like crazy to keep things afloat there really is no time for the friends you had in high school.  All of my energy was directed at my family.  I think that is true for many of us. 

Overall, attending the reunion was a positive experience and I so appreciate the effort of those that worked so hard to make it a success.  It was a challenge for my social awkwardness, but as they say, "fake it until you make it" and I have that skill down pat. 

Will I go to our 50th reunion?  Yes, I will.  If the good Lord sees fit to keep me here on earth I will make the best of each day He gives me and give Him the glory.


  1. People really don't change much, just in appearance. But it is fun to re kindel. I am still good friends with grade school kids.

    1. True, Kim. I think the anxiety that I let build up was mostly unwarranted. Looking back, I can see where there were others that were as nervous and anxious as I was. Then there were those classmates that glided through the reunion with ease!

  2. Love the pics and glad you were able to catch up with old friends again. Forget the gym - you look great! Even though we are an ocean apart, I'm still friends with my 2nd grade classmate and many other high school friends.

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