Monday, October 8, 2018

Grocery Shopping Week 1 Oct 2018

When you track your grocery shopping you get to see just how many times you go to the store. Sheesh!

We had hoped to keep the weekly grocery spending to $150 a week.  We were close, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Oct 1 Publix     $29.74
Oct 4  Publix    $19.47
Oct 4 WalMart $51.64
Oct 5  Publix    $17.41
Oct 6 Aldi        $45.92
Total                $164.18

The weekend was a busy one.  We celebrated our daughter's birthday with a visit to Epcot, and in, ride our fast pass rides and get out.  The kiddos are usually pretty pooped out by then.

Sunday, we went to SeaWorld for a couple of hours.  We were able to see a couple of shows, but we did eventually get rained out.  Tropical storm/Hurricane Michael is sending us it rains bands as it approaches the Panhandle region.


  Oatmeal and butterscotch cookies were on my mind and I spent most of the afternoon putting them together and baking.  The weather is getting cooler, temps in the high 80's so it felt like the perfect baking weather at least for Florida.

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They were a hit with the family and  I am glad I froze some for later as they did not last long.  I may have eaten too much cookie dough.  I do love cookie dough.  Guilty pleasure.

Tomorrow, the kiddos start up with their activities.  The girl has ballet and tap and the boy has boy scouts.  I really enjoy taking the kids to their after-school activities.  Its just extra time that we get to spend together. Luckily, my hubs will be taking the boy camping in a couple of weekends.

How was your weekend?  Busy or relaxed?


  1. The cookies sound delicious. I should make some for me.

    1. Hi Linda, the butterscotch morsels really add to the flavor.