Wednesday, October 3, 2018

National Night Out

The kiddos, their mom and I went to National Night Out in our local community last night.  The event was at the lake in downtown.  We went early, right as it opened as parking can quickly become an issue.
The kiddos met Daisy the Bloodhound

The weather is still warm, but the humidity was not as high as it was the last couple of weeks.  We managed to walk through the event, visit many booths for free samples of food, goodies for the kiddos which was mostly pencils, and small toys.  The local police department had an obstacle course for the kids and that was a bit hit with everyone.

After spending about an hour and a half, we left the event and headed home.  The kids had fun, and overall it was a pretty good night.

Dinner was leftover chili from Monday, there still enough left for me to take to work for lunch today.  Today's dinner is grilled pork chops and grilled zucchini.  Putting the meals on my calendar has helped greatly with dinner planning.

After work, I will be taking one of the kiddos to the allergist for weekly shots, then maybe, just maybe I can get the yard mowed and liquid edged.  Since going back to work, the yard has been getting a bit scraggly.  This may be the last time we have to mow as the grass is barely growing due to lack of rain.  During the summertime, I was mowing every 5 days just to keep up with the growth.

Our exterminator is coming out today after work for our yearly service.  It has been probably two years since we have had him come out.  He treats the house and if we see any more bugs, they come out and retreat at no cost.  Usually, we don't have to call them back.  The one-time treatment does thew trick. We skipped last year as we were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Did you participate in your local National Night Out?  How was it?  Would you go back next year?

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