Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sunday This and That

Before and after pics of trimming shrubs 
I thought I was going to make it to church today, but my oldest son called, he was headed out to mow my daughter's lawn before the signing of papers to close.  The HOA was going to hold things up until it was done. 

I went on to the store and picked up the fixings for Tater Tot Casserole with the intentions of making enough for the oldest to take home for his dinner.  I also picked up BOGO Publix chocolate chip cookies for dessert for both of us to enjoy after dinner.

It was great to see him and catch up and of course, get a big hug.  He is doing well and seems much happier and in control of his life. 
That always makes me happy! 

Before the tidying up
Yesterday I worked on cleaning up my storage area in the garage for some of my eBay shipping supplies.  The area is close to the garage door and the table is a catch-all for everyone and everything. 

I pulled everything out and went through the stuff and rearranged the items and supplies I was going to keep in the garage. It was a cool 90 degrees yesterday which is an improvement from the previous week of temperatures reaching 105 degrees.  

There are some items that will be gone after July 4th, you can see the fireworks over by the wall.  My daughter loves fireworks and these are left over from last year.  We are planning to shoot them off this week, so that will definitely make room.

After the tidying up

We are taking it easy today, which means I am not holding myself to finish a list of things to do.  I have already put together dinner, washed bed linens and a load of clothes.  

I may go in the back shed and continue to go through more boxes from the Forty Box Challenge  and decide what to keep and what to recycle back to GoodWill. 

Tomorrow I was maybe planning on going to a huge flea market about an hour away and see what I could find.  It is only on Mondays and it is pretty big.  I like to go out in the field and find the individuals that are selling out of their trunk and see what treasures there are for very little money. 

It is either that or a big thrift store in Orlando that always has good stuff and is air conditioned lol!  

We will see what tomorrow brings!

Have a great Sunday! 

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