Saturday, June 29, 2019

Saturday's List

I love a good list!  They keep me motivated and on track. Yesterday was a good day, all of my things to do were accomplished successfully.  The weather was still warm, about 90 degrees which has been better than the 105-degree temps we have been experiencing for the last week or so. Those temps are just too much.

My daughter, her husband and two kids have been living with us since mid May of this year.  They moved out of their house, put it up for sale, gave away or sold most all of their furniture, home decor, dishes, you name it.  They want to downsize from a 2800 sq feet home to a live a life in a 5th wheel RV.

Their house had a contract in less than 10 days, and the closing will be Tuesday.  Then, when they get the funds, they can pay off two vehicles, the RV and credit card debt and basically start over.  The last month and a half has been lots of fun having the grandkids and their parents right down the hall.  For the most part, all has gone pretty smoothly. We take turns preparing dinner, my daughter keeps her side of the house clean and my son in law is a great cook.

They are planning to stay with us when they get the RV and living out back.  Luckily we have an acre and there is room for everything, the RV, the extra vehicles and the kid's trampoline.  My daughter works 7 days on and has 7 days off.  They are going to travel on her days off and probably homeschool the kids.  We will see what happens with all that.

Back to getting busy for today with a list of things to do:
  • Continue to go through the closet with the goal of listing the clothes or recycling to Goodwill.
  • Clean and organize my eBay shipping supplies.  
  • Sweep front porch and organize the plants.
  • List 10 more items
  • Garage sales in the AM
We are expecting a buyer from eBay to pick up a vintage Trolley (located in the lower right corner of this picture.  He is traveling from Alabama on his way to Disney.

My husband's job is always remodeling and upgrading.  He gets to bring the industrial stuff home, otherwise, they would just throw it out.

The buyer might also be interested in the hook in the upper right corner, he said he wants to have a look at it when he gets here.

Update:  He bought the hook too! 

Time to get busy with the day!  Hope you all have a great Saturday!

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