Thursday, July 18, 2019

More Motivated Today

Oh man, yesterday I went totally off the low carb wagon.  After I ate the birthday cake, I took an hour nap. When my husband got home we went out to eat pizza and beer, followed by fresh donuts! Go big or not at all, I guess!
Yeah, so not much was accomplished yesterday... except indulgence.

Today was better when it came to getting things accomplished.  The yard needed mowing and even with the heat index of 105 degrees, I was able to get it done in little over an hour.  We bought a new "used" lawn tractor and it is darn quick compared to our old one.

I prefer to mow and enjoy it immensely no matter what the weather.  It gives me time to myself to think and ponder without interruption. Well, at least until I run out of gas.  I was almost done with the backyard and I ran out!  I had to lug the gas can across the backyard, fill up the mower and then I could finish up the last little bit of lawn. 

After some cool down time, there was laundry to do, and after two loads I was all caught up. I vacuumed and mopped the floor, (we have tile throughout the house) and after that, I was done.  Except for dinner, which was easy, chili dogs and tater tots.   

I have found a color I like and will most likely use for the master bathroom. I may start on that tomorrow with a bit of priming first.  I was thinking about using a stencil pattern on one wall as an accent. It may make it too busy, but if we hate it we can always paint it solid.  We will see.

How was your day?  Did things get done? 


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