Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sleep Deprived

Me, when I don't use my CPAP machine. 
The last two nights, I was doing an in home sleep study to evaluate my current sleep apnea. I have been soooo tired because I was not able to use my CPAP machine, even after a nap today using theCPAP.  Tonight I will be able to use my machine and I know I will feel better tomorrow. 
I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and had been using a CPAP machine since 2008.  It was my snoring that led to the initial sleep study.  I was tired back then, but I thought it was because I was anemic.  Well, my tiredness was probably due to both conditions.  A CPAP and a partial hysterectomy fixed both of those conditions. 

My daughter and her family are living with us while their home sold.  Now they are moving into an RV and living in our backyard ( I don't know for how long, they may go to her mother in-laws).  The RV is a big one, 38 feet with three slide outs.  But when you start putting your stuff, your husband's stuff and your two kid's stuff in there, the spaciousness quickly disappears. 

I hope it is a phase that passes quickly, but who's to say?  Living in an RV is not for me, I guess that is all I can say about it.  Well, I could say more... but we will see what happens. 

Not much went on this weekend, a trip to Target for a cross of grocery items and household necessities, the kiddos went swimming on Saturday and Sunday was church and Sunday school with the family.  After lunch, my husband and I went to check out new beds.  Ours is shot, and it is time to get a new mattress set.  We are still looking and deciding.  

I did go to Lowe's yesterday to check out the markdown racks in the garden center.  They just put African Violets on markdown for a buck each.  I picked up two for a planter I have on the front porch.  I also picked up a couple of wire hangers for two orchid plants I have and haven't killed yet.

I did work on adding more listings to my eBay store the last few days.  I posted my numbers from last week HERE   


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