Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Trying To Get Motivated

Candy Cane Crepe Mytrle in front yard.  I love the dark pink and
 whisps of white on the flowers. 
Lordy, I have so much to do today, but just can't get started.  I very much want to change the paintcolor in my bathroom.  The color is the original color that was here when we moved in 8 years ago.  All of the other rooms in the house have been painted and updated.  All, except for our master bathroom.

The color is bright green, which I can live with and have lived with.  But now, I really, really want to change it.  Probably one of the reasons I have not updated it is that I thought, or we thought that we would have it professionally remodeled which as you know is not cheap. 

That idea will be put on the back burner for now, we are paying down a chunk of debt and I would like to get that under control before we put out any more renovation money.  Those are my plans, my husband would spend the money now to renovate the bathroom without hesitation.  But, he does not do the bills, so there's that.

Other projects that  I need to tend to get control of my eBay shipping area in the garage and my listing area in the bedroom.  When running an eBay business, the areas where you list and pack all look very cluttered in a matter of minutes after getting started. Just something we have to live with for now.  I posted my numbers from last week on eBay, you can see them here

I have been doing well with my exercise and eating better.  I have worked out three times since Friday with my daughter.  She sets up exercise stations in our driveway, to include the heavy ropes, bands, kettlebells and whatever else she decides we need to do.  It is intense, but I really enjoy it. 

My eating is low-carb and drinking more water and when I eat low carb I feel much better.  But.... there are those rare days that I really, really want something sweet.  Today is that day.  Leftover cake from my son-in-law's birthday, and boy was it good.  Tomorrow is another day, and the routine if better eating will be back on track again.

Best get moving, start a list for today and get something accomplished.  It is endless, but that is okay.  I would be bored otherwise.

How is your day going?  Are you getting stuff done? 


  1. I am trying to eat low carb also, so why was I up at 1:30 eating cookie dough and fritos? :)

    1. I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment!!!! You are the best. Thanks, I needed that. :-)

  2. I have that same problem with my Ebay office :( It can turn into a mess fast.

    I've found that if I work out in the morning, I don't crave any junk (I have a sweet tooth) for the rest of the day. However, I do satisfy my cravings when I get them. I just get back into my healthy routine the next day.

    1. Yes!! eBay work spaces can get away from you quick. I did indulge my cravings yesterday, today is much, much better. And yes, I agree, working out in the AM does indeed help with the cravings. Thanks for stopping by!