Sunday, July 28, 2019

Weekend Accomplishments

Porch view this morning
Yesterday was a day for getting things done!  I mowed the yard, edged around the fence, flower beds and moved and replanted about a dozen amaryllis plants.  The weather held out, we didn't get the expected rain and the summer heat was manageable.

Later on, I prepped and primed the wall around the tub in the master bath.  After that, I was done for Saturday. A quick jump in the pool to cool off and the pool was a very cool 68 degrees! 

After dinner, I made a quick trip to Lowes to pick up a bag of Black Cow manure to enhance a bed I am going to replant.  I also picked up a pot of caladiums marked down from $9 to $3.  Then, before I headed home, I passed by Target to pick up kitty litter and coffee.

Today, I skipped church and spent the morning cleaning out the refrigerator!  That has not happened in a long time lol.  When my husband got home from church, we both cleaned out our closets and ended up with two large trash bags of clothes we do not wear and don't fit that we are donating to his pastor friend at work.  He collects clothes and sends them to Haiti.

That was it for the weekend endeavors. There are still more things to get done, but isn't that the way it goes?

A few things I need to do next week, schedule my car for an oil change, call about my cpap results, finish painting the master bathroom and clean out and organize the garage.

How was your weekend?